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MUSIC PLAYBACK select mp3s wont play

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  • MUSIC PLAYBACK select mp3s wont play

    There are mp3's that wont play at all.

    One of my artists that i listen to i have about 20 songs. Out of the 20 i would say maybe 5 don't play. They do play in centrafuse though.

    When It trys to play that song it just gets stuck on that song and i have to manually press next to skip that song.

    I would like to get these MP3s playing in frodo player primarily but if not atleast some error handeling so that it automatically skips the song if it detects a problem.
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    Not my bug, and since I don't have those mp3s to test with, don't think I can
    make a workaround.
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      i had this problem in another player once. it was caused by corrupted tag headers. if you use a tool like tag & rename to remove and then re-enter the id3 tags, it might fix it. aparently some players are capable of playing a crrupted file and others are not.
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        I had a problem like this. I just copied the file to the carpc again (from my desktop), rebuild the database and then it worked.
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          I'll try copying them again
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