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Super obscure issue Shutdown

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  • Super obscure issue Shutdown

    Ok, I have FP and Minlogon. When you have Minlogon, you lose some ACPI functionality. I fixed this part, using:

    It works great, now i turn the car off and the Pc shuts down. The issue is that it does a hard shut down, so basically frodoplayer crashes.

    When you normally shut down FP it closes, and when you start back up it resumes at the exact same spot in the song you were listening to. In my case, the hard shut down makes it start up on the last song it was playing when it had its last soft power down. Example I turn My pc on:
    song 1 plays in entirety
    then song 2
    then 1 minute of song 3
    then I shut the coputer down the right way using the function in FP
    then when i restart it begins at 1 minute of song 3
    then i hear all of song 4
    then all of song 5,
    then shut my computer down using the program that minlogonshutdown.exe
    When i restart the computer begins again at 1 minute of song 3.

    Is there any way around this..
    Its kinda minor, but i have 22,000 songs and don't want to thear them over and over again.

    I hope my explaination wasn't too confusing

    Any help would be great

    oh yeah off topic but street atlas or Iguidance price not being an issue (opposite of postwhoring)
    My OLD carputer page
    My NEW carPC

    Via Epia M10000, 512 PC2100, Opus 150, 8" lilly touch, 320 GB 7200 WD Caviar

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    IGuidance has a much better touch screen interface than street atlas from what I understand.. But I have only used freedrive and mapmonkey..

    oh and when I used minlogon.. I had no problems with ACPI.. as long as I had it set to what I wanted before I installed minlogon.. it works flawlessly..
    Pentium 4m 1.5GHz|MB896|Roadie Extreme|XM-Direct|Rikaline 6010|T-View 7"|Streetdeck|160gb Western Digital|1Gb DDR2-533 Ram