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VisualStudio 2003 Wizard for FrodoComm Services (C#)

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  • VisualStudio 2003 Wizard for FrodoComm Services (C#)

    Hi Folks,

    here's a wizard for VisualStudio 2003 to generate a skeleton for a new FrodoCommService in C#.

    Unpack it into your Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 directory (the destination path's are included but be aware that my root path shows to "Programme" which is valid for a german environment only ).

    After you did that, you'll have this picture if you open a "New Project" in VS.NET:

    Click on the FrodoCommPlugin icon and the wizard will do all steps needed to create a FrodoComm Service in .NET (i.e. generate Guids for the COM interfaces, create a SNK file for strong naming and so on).

    After it has been created, add the FCClass reference to your project, setup the names accordingly and you're ready to rumble.

    Skinning to go... VisualDesigner2!