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Can I redirect volume buttons?

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  • Can I redirect volume buttons?

    OK you guys, I emailed frodo about this too but LONG story short, i had to use the alternative "Line" slot for my audio (which I think is Line In?)

    You probably are wondering how this works, well my M9000 motherboard has a 5.1 smart setting that makes it so you can plug it into that Line instead which sends volume to the rear speakers, anyway, all speakers work this way because its simulated surround, this is my problem though:

    Frodoplayer volume controls raise and lower the "front speaker" volume (double click the little sound icon in bottom right of your screen in the taskbar, it is also known as "Master volume")

    what i did though is go to properties and brought up the "rear speaker" (not everyone has this option) but now when i use frodoplayer controls it does not control the volume because its lowering and raising the wrong volume bar!

    Anyway, how can I redirect it to change the "rear" volume bar in the sound properties instead of the "master" volume? (or front in my case)

    For those who dont understand, think of it as redirecting the volume buttons to raise and lower volume on Wave, or Midi, or CD Audio.