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  • Sony Headunit Skin

    Here is my first skin attempt. I plan to do more skins when I have the time for it. You are welcomed to post comments and requests here

    You will need to install LCD2 font manually. Please read the instruction at install promt.

    Menu Interface

    Default Interface (with GPS toggle button)

    The On Screen Keyboard

    There is no Night Mode as I simply use Day and Night Gamma in Navivoice. just set the same skin for both times...

    Download here

    Hope you enjoy it

    If you'd like to host the skin for me lemme know... my server is quite slow (Located in Australia)

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    Looks REALLY good ....i just dont like when people limit thier skins by branding them with a logo.

    I dont drive a Toyota, so I'll never use it.
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      I agree, it looks nice and very clean. But I'm not too fond of Celica either, since I driver a Maxima

      so something with a more neutral logo would do much better
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        1. Use Clone tool in a paint program
        2. Clone the area near the logo that you dont like
        it will erase the logo and keep the look of the brushed background
        3. put what ever you want there now

        Personally this is my favorite skin, I replaced it with the Mazda logo. Looks sweeeeeet
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          I will release another version without the logo or brands for you guys.. what about the sony brand?


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            Originally posted by M^ck^y
            I will release another version without the logo or brands for you guys.. what about the sony brand?
            the Sony brand? Why use a brand thats different from the actual product. I dont see the point of using these fake brands.
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              it just looks like the original head unit.. but got it you don't like it hehe

              I'll place your logos if you request it, but you'll have to send me your logos/brands...


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                I love it man. Has been my skin since long before my setup was even close to functional. I drive a 7th Gen GTS and am an old-school Sony fan... So this fits my setup perfectly (erased the ST 162 though, )


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                  Hey micky I love the skin. I really wish you could do a cdx5700 with a mitsu logo. Is this do-able?
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                    just a bare cdx5700 would be awesome
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                      any photos?


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                        This is the best that I could find. It's really similar to your unit so there aren't a whole lot of changes.

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                          did I kill the thread?
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                            Hey dont say anything against the good old ST162 *g* I think this will be "my" Skin *g* Because: *gggg*


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                              Can you make me one with these logos


                              Can you put "EXT" inder the Cadillac logo.

                              Also, can you make it 1024 X 768

                              thanks in advance.