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My First Skin for Frodoplayer

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  • My First Skin for Frodoplayer

    We after trying all the different frontends out, many of them had strong points, but I fely partial to frodoplayer. It runs fast enough, and is easy to control. Plus, winamp vis is coming.

    What I am going for here:
    1. Simplicity - Removing unncessary features: ie. Not sure I want the volume controls on the screen, if I am using a powermate to control the volume. However if I could rotate an image based on volume, that would be awesome. Does anyone know how to do this?
    2. Easy to Read Big Buttons
    3. Have both a larger vis window and more importantly a wide playlist window.

    If you don't like it , say so.
    If you think its a good start, then find something wrong with it, and tell me that too.

    Here are a few different versions I have been playing around with.
    The button boxes are for play functions and the other controls. the two buttons in the middle are for power and menu.

    Here are a few backgrounds I was playing with. All of the button symbols will be cut out of the button, allowing the led backlite effect that you see elsewhere. The first two are my favorites thus far.

    NightSkin ?

    Let me know what you think.

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    98 views 0 replies No one cares becaues its not done yet?


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      Originally posted by vatik
      98 views 0 replies No one cares becaues its not done yet?
      Edit: I should learn to read first. Sorry about that.

      Personally i think the buttons are a bit too large and the mediabrowser/list a bit too small. As for the color part. I like numbers 3 and 4 best. Those look most stylish to me.
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        i'd have to agree..
        abit too much going on in that skin.
        but if its your style then keep at it.
        Download Skin For FrodoPlayer 1.0.9


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          I greatly appreciate the criticism, but could you be more specific. I am not totally clear on what you mean by "too much going on". That makes me seem that you think its overly busy, but I have less buttons that most of the other skins out there. I am a bit confused.


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            I don't think Vatik means the amount of buttons that is the problem.
            I think it is due to the combination of lighting effects, the shape and the placement of the buttons.

            For instance you can try to group the player buttons and give them similar layout. As well as grouping volume control and so on. Usually all that results in a more logical and natural interface.
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