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  • just messin around

    i really liked the brightlife skin so after a couple hours on photoshop heres what i got: (i have fun skins if anybody wants these)

    day menu:

    day background:

    night menu (i have green lights inside):

    night background:

    isnt too different, but it suits my needs better. these are the inactive layers and the active ones look just as nice. opinions?

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    Very nice. I wish I had photoshop skillz...

    I like the main menu page. It's refreshing to see a skin that's not so overloaded with buttons it would capsize and sink if it were a boat.

    What do the tools 1 & 2 do? And what does the synchronize button do?
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      Nice modifications.

      "Tools" 1 and 2 are probably settings1 and settings2. Synchronize is the integrated sync-feature of FrodoPlayer.

      How did you make the visual also green in the night-skin ? do you just have to set a green backgroundcolor, or what ?


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        the visual isnt green, it just goes over the top of that green picture. if only i was that cool to get a matching green visual....