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LinuxICE Bluetooth Phone Calls and Radar Detectors

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  • LinuxICE Bluetooth Phone Calls and Radar Detectors

    With a Bluetooth adapter and an embedded microphone in my dash, can LinuxICE connect to my blackberry curve and make/receive phone calls through the cars speakers?

    Also, does LinuxICE support the Valentine One radar detector? I'm guessing no, but I would like confirmation on this.

    Thanks for the help,

    P.S. As a long time Linux user that's new to the CarPC world, I must say I was happily surprised to see a Linux Distro designed for CarPC's.

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    via the BlueZ stack or some of the other bluetooth phone tools, it should be possible. However, it may require some work on the user's part. Making that work by default is high on the priority list for us devs once we get the core system more developed.

    As for the radar, there has been a request for this by multiple people. I would like to have this myself also. So support in the future is likely. If anyone want to jump in a write a client plugin for nGhost, that would speed up things (kinda like what HalNineThousand and Miatacarpc did with the hdradio plugin).
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      I'm in the middle of a project for work, that wont leave me with much free time for at lest another month or two. But once my schedule clears up I'd really like to get involved in this project.

      ~ Austin