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Mid Atlantic Mp3car Meetup

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  • Mid Atlantic Mp3car Meetup

    Who is going and will be representing openice, linuxice ?

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    Matt (ioi82)
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      matt, (ioi8) will be presenting an OpenICE-based system currently named "Drivn". It's basically LinuxICE with a few cool new apps and a specific interface and build customized for Atom-based hardware (uses opengl, some nghost3-based components, icepanel3, compositing window-manager, etc). The stuff he'll be demoing is extremely alpha, but it shows off a bunch of really cool concepts that will hopefully make it's way back into the OpenICE project. There's already been 1000+ lines of code donated to the OpenICE project as a result of the product he'll be showing off so we hope that it becomes successful so we see more code.

      n2o_2k may also be attending with a stock LinuxICE2 system running on a laptop?
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