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The Manifesto - The OpenICE Vision

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  • The Manifesto - The OpenICE Vision

    Any project that hopes to succeed must have vision. Those who share the vision are encouraged to take an active role in reaching that vision. Without participation and support, no project can survive, no matter how noble the vision. Who will be the next generation of developers that will help the project reach its vision?

    LinuxICE2 will complete the OpenICE 1.0 platform. Now we are looking forward to the OpenICE 2.0 which will include LinuxICE3, nGhost3, etc.

    The following discusses the vision for the OpenICE 2.0 platform.

    The Vision:

    Create an free, open source and complete end-to-end platform for In-Vehicle Infotainment systems. This includes the underlying OS all the way to the top level user apps.

    The Platform

    LinuxICE3 - LinuxICE3 is the underlying core OS. It is to be fast booting, and then get out of the way to the user apps. LinuxICE3 should run optimized kernel and file systems for fast booting with SSDs.

    nGhost3 - nGhost3 will be the first multi-process infotainment system. Developers develop plugins as "widgets". Using the nGhost3-framework-SDK, developing these widgets is fast and easy. The results are a beautiful, GPU accelerated interface.

    Icepanel3 - icepanel3 is a new dock using the nGhost3-framework. It provides persistant controls and widgets across all apps.

    Navit-ng3 - A navit UI plugin built using the nGhost3-framework.

    Handsfree - Integration with the phone is a must. Users should be able to stream music from their phone to the vehicle. They should be able to receive calls and SMS.

    AudioManager - Controls which apps get audio-device priority. Elegantly fades in/out sound when other apps take priority.

    Media Server - Automagically maps and scans present devices and services.

    Utilities - wifiproximity, fusion-brain-daemon, smsd, and other utilities make it easy to use external devices and services.

    The Benefits

    What does this mean to the end-user?

    It means you get an end-to-end working system out-of-the box. boot it up and run. No tweaking (unless you want to). No difficult configuration processes. Let's build a system that uses the best technologies from other mobile projects like Moblin, Maemo, etc. Doing so will allow us to build a complete system, without having to reinvent the wheel over and over. Only open source and Linux allows us to use so many resources from so many different sources.

    Music volume adjusts as you increase speed. GPS fades out your music as it tells you to "turn right ahead". SMS Text messages are read to you as you receive them. Let's make worry free driving elegant and powerful.

    Always up to Date
    Utilizing Linux's unique application installation and update management, you will always be up to date with the latest OpenICE apps. OpenICE uses a single repository for all the it's packages. The user also has thousands of apps to install from the built in Ubuntu repositories. Let's make updating to the latest and greatest versions a matter of a single click. With OpenICE, we get this for free from the "APT" system. One process, all apps are updated. Other systems have to create their own update mechanism. The result is often you have sometimes dozens of update daemons for different apps consuming valuable resources.

    This is only a select few things that we are hoping to achieve with OpenICE 2.0. We can't do it all alone. We need your help to reach the vision. Whether you have lots of experience, or no experience at all, you can take an active role in making OpenICE great. Whether it be building plugins, or testing and filing bugs, we need you!

    What would you like to see in OpenICE 2.0?
    Former author of LinuxICE, nghost, nobdy.
    Current author of Automotive Message Broker (AMB).
    Works on Tizen IVI. Does not represent anyone or anything but himself.