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  • bug,,,maybe

    I noticed the zip was incorrect for the weather pull so I went to /etc/nghost/weather.conf and changed it there. I performed a restart and still the zip was wrong. I then opened /usr/bin/ and noticed on line 54 that the config file is listed as below:
    CONFIG FILE = "weather.conf"
    I changed it to:
    CONFIG FILE = "/etc/nghost/weather.conf"
    This brought up the correct zip code.

    I said maybe on the "bug" as I am not sure if a complete run of "nghost" in term would get the correct zip enetered. Whenever I run "nghost" I get a boat load of failures and it never completes and I have to close the terminal window.

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    Nice catch! I fixed this in svn. I'll push it out to the LinuxICE repo when I'm finished with the other nGhost updates/fixes currently in progress.
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      A few other things I noticed are:
      No Icons show up and the path to the Icons is wrong.
      Day 2 and 3 in the forcast are missing a lot of data, but Day 1, 4, 5 are ok.