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Weird Recovery Mode Issue!!!

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  • Weird Recovery Mode Issue!!!

    I have just sucessfully installed Frostwire, but have to run it from terminal cause the option in the apps menu won't launch it. Thought maybe I could use the Recovery Mode to fix this issue, but for some strange reason my Recovery Mode is not working. I am unable to scroll to the option of choice with the arrow keys. My system is running OK but should I ever need Recovery Mode this problem prevents me from using it. I started to run fsck from the root terminal, but a warning came up stating that running it on a mounted system may cause severe system damage, so I aborted. Any idea what the problem may be anyone???

    Thanks in advance!!!
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    oh, okay, frostwire is a p2p program. Yes, it should have menu entry in apps but you say it doesn't work?

    open up a terminal and try to launch it from there. report any error you get.
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