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  • Sirius and LinuxICE

    I am new to the forum, but have been lurking here off and on for the last couple of years. I finally pulled together enough parts to put together my truckputer and installed LinuxICE 2.0.1 and all in all things went really smooth. I am running on an older VIA mini-ITX board and everything is working great. I just got the Lilliput 629GL and ran the icetouch utility and even that works great now. The only thing I have not got working yet is the usplash, but I am not too worried about that. I am still assembling it, so its not installed in the truck yet but I had a question:

    Sirius and LinuxICE; I have seen several threads on here, the LinuxICE boards and even the MJS Gadgets board that reference vaguely that Linux and Sirius (MJS-SC-C1 + Sirius SC-C1) DO work together, but I have yet to hear of anyone actually implementing it. I mostly listen to that and would like to replace my Pioneer head unit/Sirius receiver with the truckputer if it all works together. Anyone tried it yet?

    Thanks for all the hard work in putting together LinuxICE!!

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    I think your best bet is to find someone who says that it works and ask them how they got it to work.


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      Yeah, thats what I am trying to do with my post, but it doesnt seem like anyone has really messed with it much. All the searching I have found is just bits and pieces of people asking if it works, but not really anyone saying that they have successfully implemented it.

      At the moment, I may just try to get my Sirius Stiletto to work with my truckputer and then down the road just buy the Sirius reciever and the MJS USB adapter for it and just start playing around.


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        oops, just re-read my last comment, kind of vague. what i mean to say was i don't think anyone on this forum has gotten it to work, you would probably be better off looking at a more general linux forum.


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          Been playing with the scripts posted in another one of these threads. Apparently there are some bugs still relative. Nothing working just yet.
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