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  • A few nscan question

    My music library is around 25k of mp3's, i am debating on whether or not to have nscan run on startup each time, right now it isn't. how long does nscan take to scan that many mp3's? also is it possible to run nscan while linuxice is loaded but have it only scan say movies? does nscan have to scan the apps in order for them to show in the apps menu? My music library doesn't change very often, but i do like to upload videos and would like for them to show up if i click a button to say update videos or something.

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    I just quit running nscan. I have about 16G of mp3's on mine and it was taking 3-5 minutes to run nscan everytime that the computer started up. I have a slightly older mobo, so this made the whole system sluggish until nscan was done running. I have not decided how to approach adding music since I dont do it often, but I did make an rsync script to sync up my mp3 folder with my media server. I then added a button to the nghost skin to run that script manually. I was thinking about making nscan run in that script so it only runs whenever I manually update my system.