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How to add map data for Navit???

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  • How to add map data for Navit???

    How do I add the map data for Navit? I downloaded the latest OpenStreetMap of the world, which was like 10gigs. Now where do I put it or how do I install the maps to Navit? I need the "babyfied" instructions on how to do this...Thanks in advance!!!
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    Adding maps.... We'll get there in a moment, but I noted from an earlier post you put up that you've updated to Ubuntu 10.04 (which I have as well). There is a problem with 10.04 which I haven't seen fixed. The Ubuntu team misnumbered the version numbers of navit and it causes navit some issues.... I noted the solution to that here:

    and pay attention to this:

    Since I don't have access to my car, I can't tell you the exact directory the map files needs to be dropped in. But you can figure that out by looking in /etc/navit/navit.xml for a line that looks like:

    <map type="binfile" enabled="yes" data="/media/mmc2/maps/*.bin"/>

    Using this example -- one would drop your .bin file into /media/mmc2/maps.