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  • no media in nghost

    Hi man, I'm new of this forum and of linux ice. Sorry for my english... I m italian and i ve not a very good english.
    I want to prove linux ice on my future car pc but i ve a lot of problem to do it:

    1)The first is that nghost don t see my music and video file from library or USB. How i can resolve this? I ve seen in several forum and i see that i must modify in nghost.config the path where i have music and video. I ve done this but nothing. After i ve proved to put more subfolder (es. /home/francesco/Musica/Artista/Album) and i ve seen music after a reboot. This is for the music in library. For music in USB i ve the path /media/disk but it don't work, the same for video in library and video in USB. Can anyone help me to configure nghost please?

    2) When i do a modify to nghost.config file, can i reboot only nghost without rebooting my sistem or i must reboot the sistem each time i do a modify?

    3) How work nscan? If i insert my USB while nghost is opened, can i see music in USB or i must run nscan each time?

    Thanks in advance for reply