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Is LinuxICE dead?

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  • Is LinuxICE dead?

    I am looking for a better 3D based front end for my ION System. I am a linux enthusiast and would love to run it in my car so it can match all of my other systems.

    Unfortunately I can't find screen shots, up to date support information or a valid install howto for this software.

    So far I've found 1 screenshot for a third party skin (that looks pretty generic) a wiki with 90% out of date information (not linked url wiki.openice is external) that has a download page with 3 links, only 1 that works but doesn't go to the software it claims.

    From what I can see LinuxICE and nGhost work together to make this system. I don't see any documentation that says what LinuxICE is other than it's based on an outdated Ubuntu (9.04) and I can't find a version of nghost that exists in a valid repo. (listed repo responds to an apt-get install nghost with "package is referred to but doesn't exist" error)

    Has this software been abandoned or am I missing a link to a wiki/forum with a group of people in it?

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    yes - linuxice development has come to a halt :{

    However, there is meego IVI (see meego threads). Take a look,



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      AMD Fusion (Zacate) support in Meego?

      As I now to my annoyance read that LinuxIce has been discontinued I am at a loss for what distrib to choose. I have a brand new Asus E35M1-I Deluxe based system I have just built for my car PC solution - and Meego does not seem to support the Zacate platform (will it ever given that Meego is an Intel creation?)? Does that leave me with no good path for the sw? What other Linux based options exist?

      LinuxIce seemed a good match given the Ubuntu base....


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        While meego is a intel/nokia based product -- it's still linux. So, with a bit of effort - one can get it running. I have the steps covered in other post (see the thread on 1.2). Your challenge will be finding and installing the proper drivers for you're board. If you have pre-compiled versions of those (in rpm format), it should all be pretty straightforward. While all the advertised features may not work -- it's about as mature as LinuxICE was...


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          Yep, development efforts on LinuxICE have shifted towards MeeGo. Give it a try and help us make it better!

          Also, if you are skilled, you can search youtube and and find old vids and images of LinuxICE .
          Former author of LinuxICE, nghost, nobdy.
          Current author of Automotive Message Broker (AMB).
          Works on Tizen IVI. Does not represent anyone or anything but himself.


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            Hi, nasa and tripzero,

            Due to excessive workload I have not had a chance to get back until now and thank you for your replies. However, I still have a few questions:


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              Hi, nasa and tripzero,

              Thank you for your for your replies. Unfortunately I have not been able to get back until now due to a long period with an excessive workload (leaving me without time to work on the system). However, I still have a few questions:

              1. Where can I find the necessary drivers?

              The Asus E-350 MB contains the following devices: AMD E-350 processor, FCH A50 (Hudson M1), Radeon HD6310, Realtec 8111E LAN, ALC892 CODEC and NEC USB3.0 controller. I would expect to have the Realtec and ALC chips directly suppported, but especially the AMD chips I am unsure about. I have tried searching both AMD's and Asus' homepages, but they only offer drivers for windows.... Reading the thread on the 1.2 release of Meego does not tell me if the recommendations cover all the chips....

              2. Where can I get a 64bit Meego IVI build?

              The image at is only for 32 bit systems. With 8GB RAM inserted in the MB I will not be able to make any use of most of the RAM if I install a 32 bit distro..... I therefore need a 64 bit version.

              While I have been running Ubuntu for a few years I have never tried to add any drivers but those proprietary ones available through the Ubuntu frontend. With the possible exception of Brother's printer drivers.... But those are available directly from Brother and very well documented....




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                Let's attack the questions backwards...

                #2 -- there isn't one. Given the target devices there really isn't a need for 64Bit support. Embedded devices seldom use 8GB of ram... What are you doing that requires 64Bit support? If you really do need it -- then I would recompile meego to get it.

                #1 -- Most of that should be supported, the one exception is the Radeon VideoCard. Meego is sponsored by Intel and Nokia... So out of the box support for those video cards isn't there. That said, if the AMD graphic drivers have to support for OpenGL ES - then you could install those and should be good to go. I haven't tested any AMD drivers so I can't tell you if they do or don't.

                BTW: I am working on a more *generic*/customized verison of meego. Stay tuned.


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                  Luckily the base of Meego is just a Linux (OpenSUSE/Fedora) distro, which means its not hard to add Radeon Support. I'm looking into an ION nvidia board which will require proprietary drivers to get rolled out.

                  But I agree about 64bit support, I don't see why we'd need more than 8gb of ram or more than dual core procs. Low power and low heat consumption are key here.


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                    Hi, nasa,

                    While you may have a point about the 32 bit version - I have used 64 bit Ubuntu for the past couple of years, and since the AMD Athlon/Phenom/Fusion and Intel CoreX all are designed for optimal performance in 64 bit mode (The Atom series are also supposed to support it, although I have not considered this family interesting enough to bother check further) it never crossed my mind to consider a 32 bit distro for my car. And what with memory having become so cheap as it has I automatically threw in 8GB when I built the system. I have enough bad experiences with WinXP and the 32bit 3.4 GB limit that it just seemed the way to go.

                    If the Radeon chip really is the only item that should need a separate driver I think I will go ahead and try loading the 32 bit Meego IVI. Although I would still love to have a 64 bit version....

                    I will keep an eye out for your *generisized* version.....