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Media Engine Keypress Config for USB Game Controller

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  • Media Engine Keypress Config for USB Game Controller

    Setting up custom keys for Media Engine is no problem with a USB keyboard; but yesterday I found a mini USB Game controller and I thought it would be much more convenient to use for changing songs then a full size keyboard.

    But when the config utility askes me to press a button, it does not recognize
    any of the buttons that I press on the gamepad, but it works fine with my USB keyboard.

    Is there a reason why Media Engine can "see" the buttons that are pressed on the USB keypoard and not on the gamepad?

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    Figured it out!

    After several hours of searching on google I found a program called "joy2key" or "joytokey". You map the joystick buttons to keyboard keys and it runs in the background.

    If anyone will be interested I can post pictures.