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  • another playlist problem

    i am using mediaengine for some time with no bigger problems..everything works fine but i have a playlist issue..At the moment I have more than 100GB music on my HDD...everything works fine exept the mediaengine I can only add songs manually each song and then another...but I have 11000 songs i would take me a month or more to do it manually with mediaengine..I tried to do playlist with winamp (mediaengine works on winamp so there should be no problem) i made a m3u and pls files but they dont work with mediaengine...any ideas how to make a playlist..maybe some other program will help?
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    I wouldn't recommend building a manual playlist that contains all (or even most) of your music as it will take forever to load.

    If you're wanting to play all your music in one big list and ordering is not important, you can do this under 'Browse Database' > 'Browse All Music'.

    If you want to re-order the list you can then close ME and copy the file 'me_audio.m3u' from your Media Engine program folder to another location (rename it if you want) and edit it with any text editor. If you do this make sure to remove the first line that is the SQL query used to build the list. It will look something like:

    # SELECT Path, Artist, Title FROM Media WHERE ParentDir LIKE '\Led Zeppelin%'

    Again, because the database indexing won't be used, loading this edited list will be pretty slow so don't say I didn't warn you.
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