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Media Engine for HOME theatre?

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  • Media Engine for HOME theatre?

    I hope that this is not completely off topic, but I would like to know if anyone has taken this program and setup a home theatre using MediaEngine as their media manager.

    My car is a piece of #$%@ so I don't really want to put time/effort into that environment. But I would like to use MediaEngine, accessed via a 19" touch screen, to do the following:

    1. Play DVD files from a wired network folder using AVS Media player
    2. Play MP3s using either WinAmp or equivalent
    3. Don't need GPS at the moment. I know where I am

    On another technical side, I would probably be using a dual screen setup. The touchscreen interface would be on monitor or display #1, display #2 would be "sent" to an LCD monitor via an S-Video connection. Not sure if there is a component or HMDI video output available for a dual DVI output video card, yet. Or, at least one that I could have any hopes of affording that is....

    Any takers for comment? I would definitely post pics if I can be reasonable assured that this is something worth pursuing, time-wise.

    Thanks for any comments/encouragement/rebuttals offered....

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    MediaEngine will certainly do the things you ask of it in your post. I think it would be a well suited system for your needs.
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      2nd monitor?

      Does Media Engine support the use of a 2nd monitor? Most of the examples I've seen in postings seem to lend themselves to a single display....


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        Well no it doesn't do it natively. I have never tried it.
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          The College Try

          Well, I'll just give it a whirl. I'm not that clever with programming that particular API, but it might be a feature to consider? I guess a whole pile of people need to make noise before someone can devote the time/resources.

          There are probably a lot of proprietary systems out there, for the right money of course. It might be interesting to see what an open source solution would look like...


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            I have been using media engine as the front end for accessing my music collection on my mp3 computer for several years now and have found it to be very good indeed.

            I have at various points also used it for the playing of videos etc and it worked well.

            At one stage I had it working on two montors, well a monitor and a small lcd screen. I had to have it in clone mode so both screens displayed the same, which meant having to play about with resolutions etc but it worked. Would be great if it were possible to have it send just the video to the second screen.

            It has been my dream for ages now to build a mini computer into a coffee table or similar with a touch screen built in, then be able to use that screen to control media engine and be able to access my whole music collection from my sofa...oneday it'll happen! In the mean time I have it on my main computer and control it using an Irman and my Pronto remote which works very well indeed.


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              I have been running my test setup prior to installation into the car on my home theatre system. Must admit it works quite well and is better than some of the so called dedicated Home Theatre software packages around. The only issue is the GPS software doesn't seem to update my location (lol)