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Ugh. I wish I could just get the car fixed.

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  • Ugh. I wish I could just get the car fixed.

    Damn. I'm getting so sick and tired of my car screwing up. I've had it for like 10 years now. I JUST finished putting an engine I built in it. My dumbarse didn't bother checking the rod bearings so now I've had to pull it back out again.

    I swear i'd be fiddling with mediaengine again if it weren't for the dang engine screwing up over and over again.


    For all you people still downloading and using MediaEngine, THANKS. I just got another donation. I really appreciate the support. I AM SO SORRY that I can't put 8 hour days into it like I used to. I've got a 4 year old, a wife, a house, an awesome job ( and NO TIME!

    I think about MediaEngine at lease once a day. If anyone still has a small soft spot for remembrance of mediaengine, remember that it is not dead, just dormant.

    I've been learning a LOT of new technologies such as Flash and Javascript. SO we'll see what happens......
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