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Feature suggestion (as the other thread is now archived)

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  • Feature suggestion (as the other thread is now archived)

    Haven't looked at the latest build as my CarPC has been screenless for the last couple of months due to a ickle accident.

    But one thing that annoyed me was that when an album/playlist ended you had to manually select another. Not good while moving, and almost impossible to do while driving.

    Three possible solutions,
    1) option to queue albums so you can build up your own multichanger like list.
    2) Repeat playlist/album option (maybe even in the config/settings)
    3) Option for random album solection from the DB when currently playing album finishes while MP3's are selected (Selectable in the configs of course rather than default and fixed).

    Any thoughts on that?
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    All of them sound good to me, especially the last one.


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      Support for Girder Remote.
      Girder with Igor plugin

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        I need faster playlist scrolling. To go down a few thousand songs takes a LONG time... Maybe scroll slow for 5 seconds and if the button is held for longer then scroll fast...


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          Suggestions for new features
          1) XM - XM - XM
          2) TV (using an integrated TV/FM card would be great
          3) Nav built in

          Thanks, that should do it. Willing to donate.
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            xm will be built in as carcomp and phat_b both have xm radios.

            nav will also be build in very soon
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              I agree that it needs NAV built in. I also wish that it was a little bit more customizable - like if you could disable the FM/XM radio thing for those of us who don't use it - and maybe replace it with a Nav/GPS button!

              I also wish that it would display a message (maybe in the bottom area) on mouseover for the links to the differant features. Its a pain to figure out what each button is.

              One last thing that would be cool is if you could double click the date/time and maybe have a full screen clock with analog/digital mode. There are many of them you can find easily, for free, in Flash on the internet! That is a nice feature for those of us who live in states where you aren't allowed to have any kind of video screens on while driving. The "it's just an elaborate clock, officer" would be a nice thing to have!


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                Pause and play buttons on the external app controller.
                Jump to top of current directory.
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                  XM is listed in the application setup. Is it not enabled or working yet? I'm not trying to hurry you folks....just asking as I have an XMPCR and would love to see it working in MediaEngine. I would would definitely use media engine at that point. I'm using MediaCar right now because with MediaEngine, I get periodic lockups and have not figured out why yet. But having XM built in, I would switch and work out the reason why. What NAV program will be built in, if you folks have already decided which. If not, may I suggest Routis 2004. It is the cheapest I think and works really well for me.


                  Originally posted by hijinks21
                  xm will be built in as carcomp and phat_b both have xm radios.

                  nav will also be build in very soon
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                    mappoint will be the app built in. if there is a sdk for routis then it might be able but mappoint was just too easy to implement in
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                    AMD 800mhz 192megs RAM 60gig hard drive 9 inch widescreen VGA
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                      Hey, just an idea for ME..
                      Macromedia Flash Interface via FS COMMAND EVENT..
                      would make skins smaller, cooler, and animated..
                      Just a thought...


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                        Bluetooth Mobile Phone software integrated into ME (rather than having to run phonecontrol and ME as 2 apps)
                        A Flash interface would make the front end look awesome but I guess it would make things difficult for the average skinner to customise.
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                          Request: Rating songs (1-5 stars etc) for frequency of play.

                          iTunes has this, and I imagine since you are already using a db backend it should be relatively trivial... Thanks!