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Weird problems with video and ME 2.1

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  • Weird problems with video and ME 2.1

    All my my music videos are SVCD in .m2v. When trying to watch them in ME some weird stuff happens. First of all, it takes about ~3 minutes to load any video, sometimes longer at first. When it does play, it is all laggy and it lags both the video and the auto-hide controls. And if that's not problem enough, the video is flipped vertically!? I have no idea what the deal is. I did notice that when I pressed next that a WMP screen came up while it was taking forever to load the next video. Are you guys using WMP for video still cause that might be the problem. I just thought you'd use all of Winamp's features (audio and video).

    *I tried using a VCD file and it did load faster, but it's still a bit skippy (not as much as SVCD) but it is still flipped vertically.

    Both types play fine in Winamp under normal windows.

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    Well apparently the vertical flip was due to a bad codec or something and I fixed that. After messing around with it, I can get stuff to load now it's just that when I view SVCD videos it uses the 480x480 resolution and doesn't stretch it as its supposed to do. Out of ME, this only happens in WMP and not Winamp (Winamp shows it right). Any ideas?


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      Which codec were you using and how did you fix it?


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        I'm not sure what codec it was, but now I'm using 3ivc, ac3, and a m2v codec, which all work, but in WMP it still won't stretch to the right dimension with SVCD which really ****es me off because apparently that's what ME2.1 uses to play video.


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          For me is very fast to load a SVCD but I have the same problem, the screen doesn't stretch, stay 480x480 and I'm using 1024x768.
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