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5.6" lcd & ME resolution

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  • 5.6" lcd & ME resolution

    i've a 5.6" LCD running with an EPIA M10000 with ME 2.1

    My Epia vga resolution is set to 800x600 , but if a load ME with this one, it cuts the right part of the screen.

    Which is the perfect resolution do use ?????

    Thanks and sorry for my english ......:-(

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    Hi bambuzao,
    it is a problem of the VIA graphics adapter. They already tried to fix it but it is still there (not that extreme anymore). If it is just cut off on the right side then try to move the picture with the tool (Screenadjust in the Display Settings where you can choose the display) which is included in the S3 drivers!!! Maybe it is enough what you can move it with that tool.

    Good luck!!!