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How does ME control the Radio?

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  • How does ME control the Radio?

    I am curious as to how ME controls the Radio...
    Radiator? straight .dll's?

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    Okay... the suspense is killing me....
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      We use standard voodoo practices.
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        good answer.....

        I know that radiator has been updated to support other FM tuners, instead of the d-link.
        I can't find any threads on what ME will support. Is it specific to the D-link only?
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          Yep, ME is specific to the D-Link.

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            Its not like anyone has sent us any other hardware to develope for.
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              i have a dream...

              ...a dream that one day my flyvideo 3000 fm radio will work perfectly well with media engine... even just the radio enough to make my day...

              and that is my dream...
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                hauppauge WinTV-USB-FM

                While your at it I would like support for my hauppauge WinTV-USB-FM when you have a minute.


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                  send 'em the Hauppauge! Somebody! I would, but cant afford it!
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                    What ME should do is write an abstraction layer, then code to that layer. The only abstraction provided by ME could be for d-link, but others here could fill in the gaps for other radio devices. The abstraction would be pretty simple.
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                      If i sent you my RadioXtreme with Radiator would you develop it into MediaEngine?

                      If so would you keep the hardware? and what would the (ballpark) turn around time be?
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                        What I think is being asked for is plugin support in ME
                        I think PCI TV/FM tuner support would be a nice feature to have... But will it happen.. Probably not. I have a Lifeview card, more than happy to send it over (it's a loooong way) so long as it comes back.... TV cards aren't throwaway items
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                          Exactly, the key to these applications taking off is really the ability to support the wide variety of hardware out there, and some we haven't even thought of yet. If ME concentrated on the GUI components and skinning capabilities, providing a clean interface to a new application, like radio, XM, TV, whatever, then it would add enormous value.

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                            The radio working properlly is one of my reason im putting off making my carputer.... So, then using the radio in your computer doesnt work all the time and locks up?

                            Does ME incorporate the radio as part of the program, and be able to control the radio like MC>?


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                              Wouldn’t it be easier just to buy the d-link ??? or is not too good???
                              ( from my point of view at least since i have not bought any tuners yet )

                              Neat thing would be TV though..... That be nice .. Maybe we all can agree on a most popular (good priced, yet good quality) TV/FM etc tuner ....?

                              Other neat thing i would like to have would be when i put the car in reverse (tapping the rev. lights or whatever) trips a relay , witch sends a signal to some input device ( i.e. serial) that can tell ME to load up the TV player , go to "composite" (if you have the cam on composite in , or it could be a webcam .. i bet that would be somewhat easyer to code though) and show you the view from a rear mounted cam .. Like in those new Lexus RX330's or others

                              please , don;t flame me if this has been said etc already

                              edit: ohh im so stupid lol .. here is a tread about it

                              maybe i sould delete the whole thing