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  • new ME user with questions

    Yesterday I downloaded ME to see what to expect when I (one day) finally have a carputer.
    It looks amazing and it should be everything you want for the carputer, but I was surprised to see that there was no spectrum analyzer. Why not?
    What about an option for a rear view cam.?

    Oh, and are there any full colour Honda skins available? I downloaded the steel one, but I think a full colour one would be even better.
    And about the steel do you get it to work? I just saw a picture of it, but dropping it in the skins folder didn't do anything. I couldn't figure it out and the readme file didn't help much.

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    there's an option to load the new skin somewhere in the options.. as long as the .skn file is in the skins directory. As for the other questions.. it all depends if the developers want to put it in.
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      The problem is that the hondaskin is not a .skn file. Can I just rename it to honda.skn and drop it in the skins folder?

      About the spectrum analyzer, I'm amazed that no one misses it. I think it would look very cool and would do a lot for the looks.


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        Ok, someone help me out with the skin problem....I can't figure it out.
        And lemme get this straight, when playing music, all you see is the title, and the tracktime, no visualisations what so ever...? At least that's the case for me.
        What am I doing wrong?


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          I think that the steel skin isn't really a skin at all, but a bunch of backgrounds for making skins. Also there is no spectrum analyser because we support visualizations. It would be redundant and hard to do anyways.
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