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Creating Playlists for ME outside of ME

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  • Creating Playlists for ME outside of ME

    Hi, I thought I'd post this to help other people with similar problems.

    My problem was that playlists created by winamp were not viewable in ME. I needed to have a solution where I could make playlists on my home computer, then upload them to my car.

    So I found this freeware program:

    It will create playlists that ME can understand. Basically the only thing it does that winamp doesn't is place the drive letter before the path to the file.

    Note: That the drive and folder of the file pointed to will have to be the same on both computers. Example: C:\carputer\music\song.mp3 must exist on both the computer that created the playlist as well as the carputer. (This really isn't a problem especially if you are syncing the two folders)

    Anybody who feels like adding something feel free.

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    Okay I just realized my other computer doesn't have this problem.... only my carputer. So if you're install of winamp is odd and isn't adding the drive letter to your m3u files this will still help