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Just basic treble/bass controls thru mixer API?

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  • Just basic treble/bass controls thru mixer API?

    I was thinking... It'd be really nice if ME could add some kind of background support for modifying treble/bass controls using the windows mixer controls. They tend to work really well on my SB live, but it's very cumbersome to load up the mixer as an external app to make slight adjustments...

    It wouldn't be too much work to just be able to bind some of the remote buttons to be treble up/down and bass up/down and show the appropriate percentages in the status bar while you're playing, much like the ordinary volume controls. Hell, could even make some sort of modifier key for the volume buttons to toggle whether they're treble/bass/volume? I know it'd be a real pain to have to redesign the skins etc to do it, so just basic remote-only would keep me happy for now
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