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Standby while playing cd on firewire cd player

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  • Standby while playing cd on firewire cd player

    I have a problem with Media Engine. The way to reproduce the problem is as follows:

    1. Start playing a cd on a firewire cd player.
    2. Go into standby mode, without media engine activly involved (i.e. just by pressing the standby button on the computer).

    At this point, if you come out of standby mode, windows xp and media engine take a crap; basically the computer freezes.

    Now I suspect something funny is going on with windows plug and play on resume. Winamp will throw a user error, stating that the cdrom has changed, of course you can't get to this error without a keyboard in order to do alt-tab to clear it. And I think that for some reason in this situation plug and play is halted, because I can't plug in my usb keyboard (i.e. it doesn't get recongnized).

    The workaround i've found is to always pause the cd before going into standby mode. This has 100% solved the problem.

    Has anyone experienced the same sort of thing with Windows xp, firewire cd players, and media engine?