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Winamp volume resets to 75% on ME start

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  • Winamp volume resets to 75% on ME start

    I've noticed that when Winamp starts up with Media Engine, the volume on winamp is at approximately 3/4, even if you set the volume to 100% within Media Engine. If I manually turn the winamp volume up to full, the next time I start ME it's back down to 3/4. This is causing my stereo to run at less volume than it's capable of. Is there a way I can keep this volume at full by default? Why the hell would the developers have the default at 75%?

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    There is a setting in the Media Engine dialog box that changes the Winamp volume to a specified point on startup. Look for it and turn it off.
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      No, that has nothing to do with winamp's volume... MediaEngine is hard coded to set winamp's volume to 75% of the total volume, then from there the main volume is changed.
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        I would think that by having winamp set to 75% instead of 100% would prevent the possibility of distortion.. if you have win amp @ 75% then Wave set to 75% and then main set to 100% you will probably have a better sound than everything at max...
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          Ok so it is hardcoded to be at 75%. Is there a way to change this? Maybe it's in some configuration file or something? I noticed one of the files, I think winamp.ini, has a line "volume=192" maybe this has something to do with it? My system sounds a lot better if all volumes are at max (winamp, wave, and main). Carcomp I'd really appreciate your help on this one.