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plase help :((

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  • plase help :((

    i just install a new copy of win98SE. however when i install media engine and run it this error came on
    (MEDIAENGINE caused an invalid page fault in
    module MSDXM.OCX at 0167:1d351b43.
    EAX=00000000 CS=0167 EIP=1d351b43 EFLGS=00010246
    EBX=00000000 SS=016f ESP=0085e230 EBP=0085ee6c
    ECX=00000001 DS=016f ESI=014aa688 FS=33e7
    EDX=0085ee34 ES=016f EDI=014aa400 GS=0000
    Bytes at CS:EIP:
    8b 08 ff 51 18 8b 36 8d 4d cc 51 56 8b 06 ff 50
    Stack dump:
    00000000 0085ee34 8007000e 014aa400 00000000 7800ac4e 00000167 00000002 0085e78c 7800c9d6 00000002 0085e26c 0085e780 0860d032 0085e78c 0085e294 ). all the people who install a new copy of win 98 had this proplem. eatheir i need to install a runtime file or ME is not for 98 ???

    Plase help

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    Is 98 supported?
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      All I can say is that you need to obtain a copy of the msdxm.OCX from a windows 98 installation and put it in your system folder and register is using regsvr32.exe.
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        i got msdxm.OCX from an xp but i didnt work, so let me try 98 and i am gona try regsvr32.exe, i will post later to let you know what happen


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          Did I say get it from an XP installation? NO I said get it from a 98 installation.
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            Before i post this problem i try to fix it, but i found why it would give me an error, the msdxm.OCX wis fine after all, but when windows install it self for some reason the regsvr.exe in the system folder is only 10K but on the cd it 40K. so just switch them and it should work fine

            thanks CarComp and antimatter for your help