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How do you get back to ME after launching app?

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  • How do you get back to ME after launching app?

    Hi, I'm just wondering which command / key you use to get back into ME after running an external app. Keep in mind I don't have a touch-screen. Thanks guys, appreciate it.

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    I knew it!! There is no way is there?? dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnn!


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      If you have the mp3 songs playing you just have to hit the X on the small bar.

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        i have a similar problem...

        in my testing i haev told Explorer to open(C:\winnt\explorer.exe, win2k). i goto the external apps and tell WIndows Explorer to go.. i do my thing and then when i close Explorer ME is gone. not on the start bar but when i jump into Task Manager it is there. most of the time is says its "Not Responding"(im a MCSE, i know what that means, lol). the only solution iv found is to kill the app adn re open it. but this will prove hard as crap while im ni my car. hehe.

        any solutions? and switches?
        i have thought about the Always on top settin in ME, but i would like my apps to work if i brin them to the top



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            If you click on the browse button it should take you back to the external applications screen. Then you can click the menu button (up arrow), and select the speaker, or the regular browse button. Is this what you were looking for?
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              Beautiful! Thanks man!