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ME stops with wireless network card

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  • ME stops with wireless network card

    I recently made a new PC for my car and installed the older version of ME
    On this PC I had a Asus wireless network card installed that worked fine with ME

    I then installed the newest version of ME and after about 1 minute of playing a song it will stop.

    This will only happen when ME is loaded and will not happen in windows.

    If I pull the wireless network card out ME will run ok.

    I have updated all the drivers on the Pc and this problem still persists.

    Any thoughts

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    why are you using ME?

    Do you "have to" for some reason?
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      Originally posted by GruvThang
      why are you using ME?

      Do you "have to" for some reason?

      ME=Media Engine

      I'm using XP pro


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        It could be Wireless Zero Configuration Service giving you the trouble. Try disabling it after a wireless connection has been made to see if the network stays up. This will typically happen when WZCSVC rescans for available networks every 5 minutes or so. From a command console do this:

        net start WZCSVC

        wait for wireless connection...

        net stop WZCSVC


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          Ok I just tryed that and it didn't work...

          Its still stopping just after ME starts to run