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DVD Audio problem playing through mediaengine

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  • DVD Audio problem playing through mediaengine

    The audio of my dvd playback has a weird problem. During the intro and menu parts of the dvd's, the audio playback is perfectly normal. But once the movie begins to play, the volume decreases significantly and there is a lot of weird noise being produced in the background, kind of as if it wasn't processing the audio signal correctly.

    When playing the dvd with PowerDVD. the audio is perfectly fine the entire time. Is there any fix for this??

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    Intro and menu parts are likely stereo, whereas the movie is mixed in surround. Probably you have your system set up for 5.1 but are missing the center speaker, so most dialogue and many sound effects are being lost.

    Not sure how to check this in ME, but hopefully this points the way.
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      Hmm...i checked the speaker output in the control panel and i have it set up for normal speakers and not 5.1. Also can't find out how ME is decoding the audio....guess i'll just run powerdvd as an external app until i can figure this out.