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Line-out Muting Issues

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  • Line-out Muting Issues

    I have an XM Roady 2 hooked up to my line-in on my Epiam1000 mobo.
    While using Media Engine, if I tap on FM/XM radio, it unmutes the line-in and everything works great! When I click on home, it mutes the line-in and this is great. Then I can play MP3s fine or DVDs. The issue I am having is if I am listening to XM (FM radio in ME) then click browse to external apps, launch GPS, works good too, but once I go back into ME to the main screen, the line-in will not mute. If I try MP3s or DVD video, I still hear the XM. I usually have to close out of ME and mute my line-in to get everything back to normal. So basically it mutes and un-mutes fine as long as I do not use the browse button to launch external apps. I have searched but cannot find anything in the media engine forum. Looking through known bugs now to see if anything has been posted. If anyone has any ideas or comments, please let me know.


    Epia M1000, two 80 GB Hard Drives, Lilliput 7" TS, 512 MB DDR, 300 Watt Power Inverter with Relay, Wireless USB Adapter. Routis 2004, Copilot 2003, Rayming TN-200 USB GPS in a 1999 Isuzu Rodeo