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ME won't start, Error 339

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  • ME won't start, Error 339

    I'm installing ME on Win 98, and get the following error in the log, when I click the done button after setting up my media/playlist directories.

    : Component 'mswebdvd.dll' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid : Error number 339

    Anybody know how I can fix it? I've reinstalled windows fresh three times now and everytime it's the same. I did update media player to version 7.1, other than that it's stock Win 98.

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    same problem

    I have the same problem (Win 98)


    no solution.

    I tried ME on my home computer (Win XP). It starts fine, but won't play MP3s. I can watch videos, but as soon as I hit Play Music, it flashes "LOADING" and then returns to the desktop.


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      First make sure you have the DLL that it says is "improperly registered". If you do have the dll, open a command prompt, and navigate to the directory that houses the dll, then type "regsvr32 mswebdvd.dll" without the quotes obviously (I think this works in 98 but not positive). Then try running ME. Hope that helps.
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