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Feature Request: Autoplay, with option to copy files to harddisk

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  • Feature Request: Autoplay, with option to copy files to harddisk

    Ok, so since there has not been any response to my post asking whether autoplay was ever available in ME, i figure it would be a very useful feature to add!

    My suggestion is this: When a CD/DVD is inserted, it should bring up the 'Browse CD/DVD' screen. But, the real kicker is that there should be an option on this screen to rip/copy files from the CD to your HDD.

    Think of this: Your friend jumps in the car with a new CD, you put it in, then press 'Copy', and 15 minutes later you give him back the CD because you now have it on your HDD. I think WMA format is pretty cool (does a CD in about 10-15 minutes), but if there is a faster encoding method that would be cool!

    Scenario 2, Put in an MP3 CD, press Copy, and it will let you select which files to copy to your HDD (default all selected), press OK, and a few minutes later its all done.

    Scenario 3, put in a DiVX movie, press Copy and a few minutes later its on your HDD.

    The CD Ripping feature could be further enhanced by using CDDB if you have 'net access, or even the offline version of FreeDB!!

    This would make ME an all powerful program to me. No need to have anything else!

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    I second this entire post.


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      I'll third it.
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        I fourth it. Sounds awesome. But, make it so we can select our encoder (VBR MP3)
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          sounds handy... i might find that useful


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            List of front-ends/usefull apps
            XTroniC | XTroniC Direct