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Track title problem using media engine

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  • Track title problem using media engine

    Hi there everyone, im new on this site but ive been playing with the car pc for sometime now.

    im stuck in a rut at the moment though, ive done a search on this site for an answer to my problem but had no luck.

    im running media engine and using the contrast v2 skin, ive got the whole thing up and running in my car with no really problems but im having trouble sorting out why i cant display the artist name in my track lists, has anyone had this trouble and or can anyone help resolve the issue?

    thanks in advance

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    Do you have the ID3 Tag information in all of those tracks? Chances are you don't if you don't see anything... It doesn't display the actual file title (01 - Enter Sandman.mp3) in the display. It can sort the tracks by the file title name, however (which I found out the hard way and had to rename almost 10,000 MP3s to get the albums to list the tracks in the right order and not alphabetically!

    Good luck!


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      I tend to agree there.. WMP is naff for that - use CDEX - I linke it because its quick and easy and acess's the online data base CDBD or what ever it is...

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        many thanks for your help here