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new skin idea, need help

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  • new skin idea, need help

    ok so I wanted to make my own skin since I don't really like the ones available so here's what I photoshoped of the front end...

    I tried to make a test skin in the skin maker but it keeps throwing error's about not haveing a directory set or something when I try to save, and I have never been good with photo shop... so far this is just cut and paste from pictures on the web...

    so A I need help trying to use the skin maker
    or B someone could make the skin kick ***...
    I am willing to provide all the pictures I used as sourses for this and the rest of what I have and I could probably make drawing like this for what the other screens should look like... the buttons could be blocks for all I care they just gotts invert color or something to show they've been pressed... I dunno I just got sick of the profesional over tweaked look of some of the otehr skins...
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