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  • Media Engine Suggestions - Read!

    Well, I have been playing around with Media Engine. Great software, but I thought I would just start a post with all my comments and suggestions about the software. Everyone feel free to contribute or comment on what I have to say. I'm having so much fun with this carputer project

    1.) There have been many small apps that control the XM-PCR unit, some specifically designed with carputers in mind (i.e. big buttons etc...I believe a good starting point for this would be the forums on Absolutely, undoubtedly, integrate xm-pcr control.

    I am INFURIATED that I had to give up Sirius' incredibly good programming (particularly in light of the news I heard the other rather funny radio talk show host signing a 5 year deal with Sirus), for XM's obscure, obselete, underground, non-mainstream programming, JUST so that I could use the SAT input on my G35 coupe for the at least I want to be able to control the XM-PCR easily. One problem I noticed with my setup, is that if I add a link to the (OEM) PCR software in the external apps section of ME, it hangs up my computer. I'm thinking possibly because ME has control over the audio on my laptop, and when XM-PCR software tries to assume control, there is a conflict. Just a thought. So to use my XM-PCR, I have to turn OFF ME and then turn on XM-PCR. ME Engineers, get with someone that has written an app for the PCR, and PUT IT IN THE NEXT VERSION!

    2) I won't delve into this too much, but obviously gps needs to be supported. I dont know why all you people are bothering with delorme and what not...there are only two GPS programs truly sufficient for carputers...CoPilot, and Routis. End of story. Either way, yeah GPS support would be nice.

    3) More MP3 file info when playing songs (ie bitrate, frequency, time ELAPSED, not just left till end of track, and if you get really creative (though it cant be hard to do)...a nice small eq spectrum (like on winamp, not a full visualization plugin tho...i have a small dell c400 it cant handle heavy video tasks anyway.

    4) I believe this has been mentioned before, and MediaCar beat ME to the punch on it, a small eq (or really i guess a link to winamps eq with a nice skin) know, left/right, high/mid/low, preamp, etc.

    5) Another MediaCar success, a MUTE button!

    6) More intuitive controls over dvd playing. It is so hard to change tracks/scan/navigate menus/pause/play/stop etc...with only, what, I think 3 buttons? Come on.

    7) This one is probably a bit farther off, but bluetooth phone compatibility. I have been chatting on other forums regarding this, though I havent been successful in a setup for myself yet and I havent tried phonecontrol...but the optimal setup would be for me to be able to control my phone, FROM WITHIN MEDIACAR...this software should be more than just an MP3 player and a few links to external programs...I know, I sound like I'm demanding a lot, hehe, but I am just making my suggestions.

    Well, I think that just about does it for me. Let me know if you all have any more input, but I just had to get my thoughts down on paper, well, silicon really I guess...heh

    <--- thats funny

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    I'm sure only PhatBastard or CarComp could full answer you but I will throw in my 2 cents.
    1. XM is going to be in the next release.
    2. Integrated GPS is going to be in the next release, last I checked they were integrating Destinator (which I think sucks). You can always run your GPS software of choice as an external app.
    3. Bit-rate already shows for me, not sure what you're missing. Also, if you click or press (touchscreen users) the spot with the Elapsed time it will toggle between Elapsed and time left modes.
    That's about all I can do for you.
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