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dvd still wont work

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  • dvd still wont work

    I am running the newest version of media engine, and i can yet to get the dvd to play because of no codec loaded.

    Yes i have searched for this problem, but i have yet to get one of the solutions to change my problem. can anyone give me the codec, and tell me where to place it in my computer???

    I really appreciate the help---thanks and MEDIAENGINE RULES!!!

  • #2 need a dvd player, like PowerDVD or one of MANY others. When you got the drive it should have had software with it.

    Once you load the software, you HAVE the codec installed. Should work from there.
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      thanks for the quick reply---i have powerdvd, but still does not work


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        [FONT=Lucida Console]Hey there. Sorry you're having problems, but first of all... test out a normal dvd playing program, like Windows Media Player or something, to see if your codecs are even working, and it's not just ME. If no programs play DVDs, do a quick net search for free DVD codecs (they're rare, but do exist). This is assuming you've lost your DVD-ROM disk that have the codecs installed. To anyone else reading this (late) reply, seams like a pretty good place to help you out if you're having DVD playback issues.[/FONT]


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          Actually, I noticed that hooking up my DVD-ROM to my ME prototype is doing the same thing as Riverdale. I then tried playing DVDs in ME on two of the other machines in my house (one of which is running MCE 2005), and they same thing happened. I own my own computer service biz, so it ain't a question of knowlage. If I can get DVR-MS files (which are much harder to setup than a simple DVD codec) to play in ME, but not normal DVDs... then there's a problem with ME playing DVDs. Although not too many people have come forward so far, so I suspect most people running ME aren't concerned with playing DVDs, or we'd would have gotten more issues posted. What's the dilly-yo? (and we don't want "It works for me." replys)