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  • Volume control in MediaEngine...

    I'm sure other people who have MediaEngine have noticed this... Even when you have it at 2%, It's way too loud like if you're wanting to talk to someone with music in the background or whatever, but if you try to tune your amps down so the volume is right at 2% then it's not nearly loud enough at 100%.

    Is there someway to make it exponential because you can notice a huge difference between 2% and 4% but if it's at like 80% to 82% you won't notice it probably at all.

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    i would like to know as well... would make ME much more friendly
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      do a search for matchvol.exe. This is a utility made by frodo that will allow your wav volume to match your master volume. This will make it so when your vol is at 2% your wave will will be at 2% also. This is very quiet.. the nice thing about this is that your volume changes will be smoother and you get a much better range.
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        isnt that an option in media engine "move audio & Video" volume seperatly or somthing:S
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