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  • New Skin (MCE)

    I didnt see a skin for Media Engine that was similar to Media Center, so I started working. What do you guys think? How do you think this will look on a 7" Lilliput? Should I continue to work on the skin?

    The Image has been downsized obviously for the forums, some quality loss is to be expected.
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    Kind of basic!


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      Thats the idea. It goes along with the MCE theme...


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        I like it, basic is good for in car!
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          I Love it Exept for the 3 buttons I think it will look better it it was a little brighter blue the same as Windows Media Center But other then that looks Great!!
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            Some mods.

            Any input?
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              First of all, nice work. Personally, I'd be using my MediaCenter 2005 OS for my car if I wanted MCE... but if I couldn't do that, this skin would rock. What I would recommend is that you change some of the outside buttons to look more MCE2005. Like, the power button can be "the green button". Also, try just "Print Screening" MCE2005 and make the buttons actually come from MCE2005, just Photoshop the text over that. Or better yet, just use the actual text from it... "My Videos", "My Music", and then add a "My Files" for the "Browse Files". If it's gonna' be a MCE2005, then go all the way baby!

              I've got MCE2005, so if you need someone to help you with the buttons or something, let me know and I'll help.