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    I am about to start my first Carputer. I have a 2005 Acura TSX. I plan on connecting the AV Electronics S-Video Switcher System to the stock Navigation system, and hooking my PC into that, to use the stock Navi as my display screen. I will be building my pc with an Opus power supply, and I know I will be using Media Engine as my front end. I have already been playing with it, and it is great! My question is, with this setup is there any way I could control Media Engine actually using the touch screen. As the Navigation screen is not directly plugged into the PC, I have a feeling I will not be able to utilize the actual touch screen. Is there any way to get the touch to work in this scenario, or will I be stuck using a remote?

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    i was on the same mission over the past few days, hooking my carpc to my kenwood indash w/ touchscreen. this is what i've found out- in order for touchscreen to work with a component it needs more than just a/v inputs, it needs a serial/usb connection to transfer the touchscreen coordinates and such. some members thought i could tap into the ribbon cable on the touchscreen and attach it to the pc that way- but im not voiding my warranty on something so new.

    so my resolution has been to add a usb touchpad to the center console. hope that helps.