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XM Direct and Media engine?

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  • XM Direct and Media engine?

    I did search it and found nothing <3

    Anyway will the XM Direct work with media engine? From what I have read its not much different then the Xm PCR

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    Originally posted by sryan2k1
    ...will the XM Direct work with media engine? From what I have read its not much different then the Xm PCR
    Not currently. I'd need a unit to test with, and we're both tired of dumping our own money into the project in addition to our time. <hint>donate</hint>
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      I might be able to donate the $50 needed, anyone else want to chip in and go half on it?


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        I picked up my XM Direct box last night, and hacked together a cable.
        I thought the XM stuff was already done coding... (the button said XM...)

        I have had this thing for about 16 hrs and Im hooked!

        I realized that whole section is still under development. I know its a labor of love and ME has been the first (and only) front end I ever really liked.
        In the begining I just had my desktop with a bunch of shortcuts to my apps and winamp with a really big font playlist. - That sucked!

        I cant say enough about how cool it is that you guys keep pouring your own time and money into something and not asking for anything in return.

        I will say that some guy on this board with a website / storefront sells this XM cable for like 45.00 bucks

        Spread the knoledge - Share the knoledge - Work together - Make a buck or two in the process | 45 bucks for a part that costs 4 bucks - Thats discusting, You should be ashamed.

        Hevnsnt - Kudos to you for posting the pics and info and selling the thing for a VERY reasonable price.
        Carcomp and Phat B - keep up the good work, you've got a paypal donation in your in box.
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          Umm I'm using the XM Direct unit with a hacked serial cable with Media Engine and it seems to be working...The only thing is that I have to start up the FrodoSatX alpha program for it to work.

          I have it working 100% now. I downloaded and installed Hybrid's XM Launchpad, available from his website, and run this program at startup which in turn initializes the serial port and XM direct unit and then launches ME. Start Radio and voila it works!! Awesome