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Cant Get Media Engine to Launch Iguidance correctly!?

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  • Cant Get Media Engine to Launch Iguidance correctly!?

    i added iguidance gps as an external application. whenever i open it it says "sound files are missing please reinstall from cd" i reinstalled and same problem. when i open iguidance on its own it works perfect..i even tried it with media car and road runner and no problems...why does this happen with media engine only??? ALSO is there any way to make playlists for videos??? please help.
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    Download LMF from frodobaggins' website


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      I will refrain from asking if you searched


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        I had the same prob initially, i found out it was because i moved the mediaengine.exe to a different location without making a copy. if the exe is not in the original folder where it was installed you will get that error. at least that is one way to solve the error
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          Not sure if you figured it out yet, but iGuidance doesnít run properly from external front-ends (or shortcuts) because they don't provide the proper properities in the start path. The easiest way is to run the app from the default location. I created a vbs file that should work for you...I also created an exe for some front-end's that donít run bat or vbs files properly. Good luck.