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Store keypress config? and remote config troubles.

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  • Store keypress config? and remote config troubles.

    First off M.E. is the best seriously the best......
    The frustration i'm having is that I have multiple media servers that are in different locations. SO when i'm at one place I have to have M.E. reset all the defaults then re-load it and specify the media folders. Re-set the keypress config and the remote config. THEN I can use it. But it really sucks to have to reprogram all of that each time even though the only thing changing is the media folder. So my big question is there a way to pre-configure the default keys and remote keys to be what I use? I also have trouble with my AST/Logitech IR remote repeat times. It's like no matter how I crank or change the repeat/delay bars it still picks up the command like 3-4 times instead of just once. I don't know if the remote just isn't supported or if I need to tweak my own settings in girder or what? These are a bunch of little obsticles that would improve the quality of use of this program, any help from anybody would be absolutely wonderful.

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    This should work.....( if I get what you're trying to say)

    Name all your media servers the same and make sure the workgroup name is the same in all locations.
    Then make a shared folder for your media on each server and name them all the same. Set that name to be your defualt directory.
    ( \\Server_Name\Media_Folder)
    Make sure in ME options that "manual database refresh only" is not checked.
    Then as long as the default media directory is named the same on all servers and all your servers have the same name..etc, ME should automatically update each time you switch locations and you won't have to do anything.

    Also, if you don't want to do can just change your default media directory to match your current don't have to restore all the defaults to do that.