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  • Help - external apps minimizing

    Hi guys,
    ok the problem i got is regardin running an external app... 'viper racing' to be specific... it simply minimizes when i try to open it. (others do the same)

    the initial loading screen for viper racing opens but then minimzes to the task bar. media engine is still open in the background with another process called DB_update... I presume this is normal.

    if i click once on the minimized app i hear 'viper racing' trying to go again (a little bit of sound) but then minimizes.

    If i click on viper racing on the task bar - then click a few more times it finally stays open. once in the game it runs a dream.

    Does anyone know why this will happen??

    I am running a 7.7" touch screen, Windows XP Pro, 256mb RAM, Via EPIA SP13000 C3 Nehemiah board, 20gb HD, Combo, mini itx case, DLink FM radio, Freecom DV3/DVB TV Receiver.

    Thanks Guys

    Andy Price

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    Hang tight until we release 2.3.2, it has some changes to external apps that may help you. I'll put it up for download on Monday (9/11/2005) if everything goes as planned.
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