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dvd issues under release 2.3.2 Beta 2

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  • dvd issues under release 2.3.2 Beta 2

    hi, i was wondering if you cna help at all

    i currently have built the car pc as a test but i am having a problem with the dvd playback

    what happens is if i play a video file on the hard drive and then go to try and plat a dvd the last frame of the video file appears stuck on screen when the application goes back to the video screen if that makes sense

    this happens if i go from the dvd to the video on my pc's hard drive as well but the last scene of the movie is kept

    the current system configuration as it stands to aid diagnostics

    dvd software already on the pc - power dvd
    processor - amd duron 700
    ram - 512mb
    motherboard - lex POS
    hd 20gb
    dvd rom drive - pioneer dvd-rw
    grahics card gefore 4 ti
    graphics card driver - latest from nvidia
    sound - pos soundcard with manufacturers provided drivers

    thank you for any help

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    ok. there arent too many media engine threads here.if you just went through them youd see i started one with this same problem and phat-bastard sent me the file to fix it. pm him hell help you
    i got dat ***** sittin on 22s! SUPERMAN EDITION!