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Winamp hanging on wakeup

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  • Winamp hanging on wakeup

    Hi All,

    I've been using ME for the last month or so, and am incredibly happy with it (Via Epia M10000 / M-Audio 2496 Sound card / Opus 90W Power supply / Lilliput 7" TS in a 2004 Prius).

    Kudos to the developers!

    However, there is one major nagging issue I haven't been able to solve. It is related to a whole bunch of intricate dependencies, so bear with me while I relate the whole story.

    ME does not work (It errors out with a DB error of some sort, if I remember right) if I either disable the onboard AC97 sound or even if I redirect windows sounds to the 2496 card. As a result, I have to leave AC97 sound enabled, and tell Winamp to use Direcsound, which I configure to use the 2496, which works great (I'm pretty fanatical about my sound quality, and love the M-Audio products).

    Anyway, this works fine, except for one problem. When I come out of hibernation or S3 standby, winamp seems to be hanging. This has the following 2 consequences:

    1) Touchscreen context isn't on ME. Therefore, I have to use my wireless keyboard to click on something on ME, after which the TS works fine.

    2) Music doesn't play. I have to kill Winamp, which then restarts and everything is fine. I have written a little batch file that I can launch from the "external programs" screen, but, obviously, this isn't optimal, particularly since I still have to use the keyboard at least once for (1) above.

    Anyway, has anyone seen this before? Are there any suggestions? I've tried multiple versions of Winamp, including going back to 2.9, using the stock version with ME, and also using the latest version... nothing solves this problem. I suspect it is related to the use of the directsound device.

    If not, is there a way to implement the following workaround - is there a way to set up ME to kill winamp right before going into hibernation / S3 standby? This way, I *hope* it should start up fine.

    Thanks in advance.